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geocities.gif - 3 K Fortunecity Thumbnailcity  was een kopie van wat er op Geocities stond, toen GEOCITIES  werd opgeheven heb ik de komplete site naar daar overgebracht. Ondertussen bestaat fontunecity ook niet meer. Ondertussen zijn alle sites van GEOCITIES een soort industrieel erfgoed geworden en zij zijn heropend door Reocities, enige nadeel het is zoals het was en je kan er zelf niet meer aan. Toch wel erg tof initiatief.


Welcome To ReoCities...

Here lies what we could salvage from the ashes of GeoCities.

Yahoo! has done an amazing thing by keeping GeoCities alive for as long as they did, but we feel that it is a waste to leave the Internet with a hole of this magnitude. At a minimum, Yahoo! could have simply left GeoCities as a monument to the early days.
Maybe close it off from editing and simply make it static after getting rid of the spam pages once and for all.
Behind this minimalistic page stretches a wealth of Internet history. If any of it was yours and we have successfully recovered it, then we hope it makes you happy to see it restored.

We've rebuilt the walls to the Cities and the streets where a large part of the early settlers of the World Wide Web used to live in. You can still find them where they were before, but not all of the houses have been rebuilt yet.

As time passes, we will try to recover more and more of what was lost, at least as much as is technically possible. If you wish to help with this effort, and you have your old GeoCities content backed up, then please email us at j@ww.com, but *not* before we've stopped importing the data that we have right now.

If you have a website that links to old GeoCities content, and we've managed to restore that content, we would like to ask you to change the links from Geocities.com to Reocities.com. It's just a one letter change and it will help the Internet to hang together that much better.

<----To fix links pointing to old GeoCities pages, we provide you with a small Firefox Greasemonkey script. That's not as good as having the links fixed on the pages themselves, but until people get around to that, it's a good thing to have. It saves you from getting error messages or landing in places that you didn't intend.


We do not have a 'FAQ' section yet, but if there is one question that keeps popping up in my mailbox it is this one:

Why do it ? Why not let it go away, it was all junk anyway.

In the millions of pages that we've archived, there are plenty of treasures. To make the point I'll link to one page of a person that died way too young and whose lasting contribution to the internet and all our future lives would have been lost without saving it somehow. *That* is why we did this.

Not all of the pages here, or the story behind them are as moving as this one, but all of them together represent a wealth whose value will only become more apparent over time, and which we hope will remain with us forever in some way.

I hope that answer the 'why?' of it conclusively


geocities.gif - 3 K Geocities Thumbnailcity
geocities.gif - 3 K Geocities 1/144 scale model airplanes
geocities.gif - 3 K Geocities beercoastercollection
go.gif - 3,0 K Go vroeger infoseek vroeger WBS is ondertussen verdwenen maar soms duiken er nog paginas op bewaard op servers hier en daar
geocities.gif - 3 K Had ooit nog ergens een Franse site ook hier duiken soms nog oude pagina's op.

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